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Believe Supplements Refresher - Miami Series Review

Jul 07, 2024Joshua MacGowan

Warmer weather is here, and juice protein powder is quickly becoming the most popular way for people to get in their protein shake this summer. Believe Supplements has added to their incredibly popular juice protein line (Protein Refresher) with a new limited edition drop of two Miami themed flavors - Miami Vice and Miami Vibe. We didn't waste any time upon receiving our shipments and immediately cracked a bottle of each flavor to see how these would stack up to their existing line of juice proteins, which include the following flavors: Peach Mango, Iced Tea, Cherry Limeade, Strawberry Lemonade.

Upon cracking the bottles, the smell was instantly satisfying. It smelled fruity, tropical, and as you'd hope something in this flavor category would. The powder was the same light and fluffy texture as the existing Refresher flavors, and remains dye free which we always like to see. We set up two shakers side by side, each with 300ml of water and a few ice cubes, and got to scooping.

The product mixed perfectly, although like most juice proteins it did foam up. This foam settles down after about 30-45 seconds, so just let it sit and that will subside.

We noticed that after mixing, the flavors smelled even better than the powder. We took the first sip, starting with Miami Vibe (as that is the "daytime themed" flavor), and noticed the perfectly smooth, clump free texture. The fruity flavor came on quickly, but was NOT too sweet - something that can be a concern with these juice type proteins. There is a unique taste to this, that can't quite be nailed down by the description on the bottle (it is labelled as Strawberry Kiwi Citrus). I traditionally don't like the typical Strawberry Kiwi flavors, but this was not like any I have had before. There was also not a noticeable citrus component. Really, none of the individual parts of the flavor mix were noticeable or stood out on their own but rather it was a unique drink that seemed to blend all of these flavors into something that had a unique taste of it's own. All that I really knew, was that I LOVED the flavor. Miami Vice = Success. Now it was on to Vibe.

Miami Vibe is the "nightime themed" flavour, and is supposed to be Strawberry Cherry Margarita. This flavor was much easier to review, as it tasted exactly like the description. It was fruity, not to sweet, and once again mixed perfectly. Truly, the only negative thing I have to say about these two flavors are that it sucks that they are limited time only. Believe nailed the flavors on these juice proteins, and we are so happy to have these stocked for the summer.

Get some ice cold water and a shaker and enjoy these on a hot summer day! Or, put these into a Ninja Creami and make a sorbet that is out of this world!

If these flavors don't sound up your ally but you want a juice protein, the top two sellers in the Protein Refresher are the Iced Tea and Peach Mango, both of which are amazing and available year round. Great job on the flavor drop to the team at Believe, and thank you for the amazing tasting protein that we can enjoy all summer long!

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