Meet the Mountain Thor Bjornsson

Meet the Mountain Thor Bjornsson

Jul 10, 2023Joshua MacGowan

Meet the Mountain! Worlds Strongest Man and Game of Thrones' own The Mountain Hafthor Bjornsson in Edmonton and Saskatoon!

  • Saturday, December 21st 2019 in Edmonton, 10:00am-1:00pm
  • Sunday, December 22nd  2019 in Saskatoon 12:00-3:00pm


VIP PASSES now available! The lines get long at these things, but NOT with VIP! Show up at any time during the scheduled appearance and go straight to the front of the line! As always, we’ll have an easy way for you to get a shake to sip on while you wait if you don’t mind hanging around! (Sometimes the line is the most fun part of the day)

Can’t wait to host Hafthor and get to hang out with and chat with one of the most impressive people on the planet! Saturday the 21st in Edmonton and Sunday the 22nd in Saskatoon!

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